Momentum (2015)

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Plot summary

A gripping fast paced action film set among the captivating sceneries of Cape Town, South Africa. The movie tells a story about modern crime, greed and victory, as the characters embark on a mission involving a highly calculated heist that grievously goes wrong. However, this leaves the lead character Alex Faraday, a beautiful, sharp, strong and ruthless femme fatale at risk of being caught. Much to her dismay, the heist gone wrong is not her only problem. Alex witnesses one of her heist members being brutally murdered by a highly specialized international syndicate who are in search of a key. As Alex attempts to escape the murder scene, she is spotted by Mr. Washington (the head of the group, handsome, cold and ruthless), from here on we are thrown into life or death situations as Alex fights for her life, as well as for the lives of those at risk over this mysterious key and what it may open. As we are taken on an exhilarating, chair-gripping chase, we see that Alex can't be stopped, which intrigues Mr. Washington. We see in his more vulnerable moments, that he and Alex are one and the same, always fighting for what they want. Through out the film we learn that Mr. Washington is trying to protect the political mayhem that will erupt when secrets are exposed. The question is, who will be victorious and what consequences will their victory have.


Movie details

Release date:
October 16, 2015
Action, Thriller
96 minutes
United States, South Africa

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