Goodbye Bruce Lee (1975)

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Plot summary

Kung Fu expert Lee Shiao Lung is out taking a gentle stroll in his local park when all of sudden he is attacked by a group of unidentified thugs. Lee steps back and begins to unleash a carefully regulated quantity of martial arts fury on his unlucky assailants, but his mighty onslaught is quickly interrupted by two strange gentlemen who come claiming to be the producers of Bruce Lee's final unfinished film 'Game of Death'. Impressed by Lee's Kung Fu prowess and uncanny resemblance to the martial arts legend, they ask the young fellow for his help in completing 'Game of Death' and bringing it to the attention of the world's cinema-going public.

A young man unwittingly gets wrapped up in a money scam. When he refuses to give the cash back, the bad guys kidnap his girlfriend and hold her hostage in the Tower Of Death. Once there, he is given two options. Watch his girlfriend get thrown off the top or fight various martial artists on 7 different levels to win his girlfriend back.


Movie details

Release date:
February 10, 1975
Action, Drama
84 minutes
Taiwan, Province of China
None available

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